Empowering team self-learning.

Encourage learning in an interactive way.


Content Creation and Management

Create and organize courses, add content, and manage student enrolment

Courses & Lessons

Create and organise your learning content within courses, collection and lessons. Make lessons more interactive and fun with the multiple types of media (video, images,gifs etc..)


Create, maintain, and share a list of terms and definitions and link them to relevant lessons or just use as learning content.


Administer quizzes and assessment as part of the course content with our customisable question types. Question types include, drag&drop matching, multiple-choice and more.


Assign specific courses and lessons to individual trainees or groups and set due date for completion and send notifications with new assignments.

Learning Events

Schedule and manage virtual or in-person events and sen reminders and notification to attendees and register participation.

Question Bank

Find past questions from the question bank and reuse for future quizzes.


Empower your trainees with self learning from their mobile device.

Mobile Accessibility

Streamline, standardise and track your employee onboarding process.

Ratings and Reviews

Allow students to rate or evaluate the quality of individual lessons or courses.


Record assets assigned to employees and stay on top of your organisations assets/inventory.

Real-time Reporting

Track, view interrogate and report on student performance and quiz results.