Human Resources

Manage your team.

Use the all-encompassing Human Resources module to manage time-off, attendance, shifts and more.



Your go-to source for all things employee-related.

Employee Directory

Store and organize information about the employees of your organization and view full report of their actions and history.

Employment Types

Define working hours, overtime rules and holidays for various employment types.


Automatically created organogram for visual representation of your organizations hierarchy.

Leave Management

Simplifying the leave process for both employees and HR

Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports and identify leave trends and patterns.

Leave Types

Create and customise unlimited Leave types with leave entitlements according to your organisation’s policy.

Approval Request Process

Employees can submit leaves and the assigned manager can approve or deny from their mobile device.

Leave Balance Tracking

Track how much leave employees have taken and how much they have remaining based on their entitlements and organisation’s policies.

Mobile Access

Employees and Managers can access their information and request/approve leave on the go from their mobile device.

Time and Attendance

Effortless time tracking and attendance for employees.

Location Checkpoints

Define unlimited location check points and track the hours worked in that location with clock in/outs.

Track Working Hours

Tracking the total working hours in any time period with unlimited clock in/outs.

Approval Request Process

Employees can submit leaves and the assigned manager can approve or deny from their mobile device.

GPS Location Validation

Use mobile GPS to validate the presence of a clock in/out.

Mobile Access

Access to the Time and Attendance system from your mobile device. No specialised hardware required!

Approval Request

Manager request and approval workflow from your mobile device.

Payroll Integration

Export all data required in order to execute your payroll process.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time dashboards give you insight on trends and patterns from your workforce.

Employment Lifecycle

From onboarding to offboarding, we've got you covered.


Streamline, standardise and track your employee onboarding process.


Smoothen out your off-boarding and termination processes.

Asset Provisions

Record assets assigned to employees and stay on top of your organisations assets/inventory.

Induction Training

Ensure induction training is completed within the required time-frame.

Probation Evaluation

Keep a full record of your onboarding process including probation evaluations.

Shift Management

Say goodbye to manual scheduling and hello to efficiency.

Work Schedules

Create work-schedules for employees for multiple locations.

Instant Notifications

Instantly notify employees of newly created schedules or updates.

Mobile Access

Employees can view their schedules on-the-go from their mobile device.

Easy-to-use Interface

Use the calendar-type view to intuitively create work schedules.


Streamline your expense process from start to finish.

Expense Tracking

Track expenses submitted by employees and categorise with supporting documentation.

Expense Groups

Create unlimited expense groups and assign employee applicability for those expense groups

Approval Workflow

Set approval workflows for expense submissions by employees.


Track budgets and set limits on submission of expenses per employee and expense group.

Mobile Access

Submit and review expenses from your mobile phone.