Advertise, screen and recruit.

Automate the recruitment process.


Positions Dashboard

Streamline your job posting process with our intuitive platform.


Create job positions with unique links where candidates can access the straight-forward and user-friendly application form.

Candidate Communications

Automate candidate communication with email templates and dedicated candidate interface that will inform candidates on each step of the process.

Approval Workflow

Streamline the positions approval process with the built-in approval workflow.

Candidates Screening Dashboard

Save time and effort with our streamlined candidate screening dashboard.

Application Tracking

Track submitted applications and also get automatic email notifications every time a application is submitted.

Interview Scheduling

Schedule and manage coordinate multiple interviews with candidates and interviewers.

Quiz Challenges

Incorporate quiz challenges in your candidate application process.

Drag & Drop Interface

Easy to use drag&drop interface make the screening process playfully enjoyable.

Careers Page

Improve your brand and reach with our customizable careers page.

Branded Page

Create a customised careers landing page and post all your open positions in a single place.

General Applications

Adopting a rolling recruitment approach? Our general applications section on the careers page allows candidates to submit application even without an open position.

Candidates List

Effortlessly collect, manage and access your candidate data.

Resume Repository

Get tidy! Have all you potential candidates resumes and CVs in one place for easy access.

Candidate Notes

Feedback and notes on each submitted application make the future recruitment process more effective.

Search and Filtering

Search & across all of your candidate history and find the best candidate for your organisation.