Virtual Shop

Grow with online e-commerce.

Give the convenience of shopping from anywhere with our virtual shop module!


Virtual Shop

Give the convenience of shopping from anywhere with our virtual shop module!

Product management

Create, edit, and manage products, including images, descriptions, and pricing.

Product categories

Organize products into categories to help customers find what they are looking for more easily.

Product variations

Offer different variations of a product, such as color, size, and quantity.

Product search

Allow customers to search for products based on keywords, categories, or other criteria.

Product filters

Enable customers to filter products based on specific criteria, such as price, brand, or rating.

Shopping cart

Allow customers to add products to a shopping cart and view the contents of the cart.

Checkout process

Guide customers through a seamless checkout process, including shipping and payment options.

Payment integration

Integrate with payment gateways to process credit card payments and other payment methods.

Shipping integration

Integrate with shipping carriers to calculate shipping costs and print shipping labels.

Order management

Manage orders from start to finish, including order confirmation, shipment tracking, and returns.

Customer accounts

Allow customers to create accounts, view their order history, and save their preferences and payment information for faster checkout.


Enable customers to save products to a wishlist for future reference or purchase.

Reviews and ratings

Allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for products, which can help other customers make informed purchasing decisions.


Personalize the shopping experience for customers based on their behavior, such as recommending related products or offering targeted promotions.

Analytics and reporting

Track key metrics, such as conversion rates, average order value, and customer lifetime value, to gain insights into customer behavior and identify opportunities for improvement.